Friday, August 29, 2008

A Deeper Thought

As I sit here on my back patio, a place I have come to love over the last 2 years at this house I can't help but think about the future.

I live in an amazing house that I have come to love. It sits on the freeway where I hear the roar of traffic day and night. I like to sit here and think of it as not the rush of people trying to get to where they are going, but I sit and think about it as the rolling in and out of waves. I have almost been able to fool myself into thinking that I live a wall away from an ocean.

I know it's a bit strange but this sound is relaxing. Aside from the few helicopters that whiz by occasionally (I live close to a hospital), I can sit here for hours and relax and think and dream.

I'm about to enter my last. My last month at 25. My last month as a Temp. My last month in Nashville. But what's great about all the lasts is how quickly they will turn into new beginnings.

Sitting with a glass of wine, I am just relaxed enough to dream about what's next. I know I'm meant to be near water of some sort. I can just feel it in my veins! I love the adventure of having no idea where I'm going and fully trusting that God will put me EXACTLY where I need to be.

Tonight has been a reassuring night that I am doing just what I should be doing. I spent the evening with friends eating dinner and then with a new friend getting her money back from a missed flight. What an ACCOMPLISHMENT! I know I'm supposed to be doing something with people, which is exactly what my next job has in store.

I'm amazed that this last year has prepared me. From last September (when I was laid off) until now, I have gained many skills that were necessary before I take my next step. I have learned customer relations skills, adaption skills to new environments, and how to talk to people I have little in common with.

I have to just say, I am so excited!

Thank you, God!!

ps: this is my Pinot Grigio that I am drinking...yes, it has a fish in a lawn chair. Nothing says relax like a fish in a lawn chair (with sunglasses to boot!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

my my time has flown

6 weeks left in Nashville! 6 weeks to finish out the list!

I know I's been two weeks since I wrote. After some serious by some of my loyal readers I'm back.

Things I've learned in the last 2 weeks:
1. What a Maraschino cherry really is
2. How to install locks on doors (it took 3 ladies to get this task done and lots of laughter ensued. I got to use the power drill!)
3. The perfect amount of humidity for my hair (whatever it was yesterday)

But then I learned about the pain and violence in the world today. Yesterday, my friend Allison text me in response to a disturbing article she read on (Atlanta's source for viable news). This article clearly exhibits the problems facing kids today and why they are turning to a life of crime.

Please read: "Officials Say Boy "Poked" Girl With a Pencil"

What is this world coming to?

I would like to let you in on the conversation that Allison and I had following this disturbing article:

Allison: In an unrelated case its been reported that a 9 year old boy pulled a girl's hair. She's in serious, but stable condition.

Carrie: This just in...boy taken into custody for sexually harassing girls by chasing them around the playground.

Allison: If convicted, he could serve up to 5 minutes in the local time out with no chance of perole.

Carrie: He has hired an attorney from the lawfirm of Bert & Ernie

Allison: They're household names after their victory in the Monster cookie theft trial of 07. Many believe they can win this case.

Carrie: It's said they are offering a plea bargan of twelve stickers, a worm and three snack packs.

Allison: The victim is demanding nothing less than four snack packs and a pack of fingerpaints on top of what has already been offered.

Carrie: She claims the emotional tortured caused her to "run home to mommy". Slanderous words have been thrown around as she now refers to the accused as "poopyhead"

Allison: This can only hurt her case as the lawyers have uncovered several reports claiming the victim is a 'cry baby' and a 'tattle tell'. Unsettling in the least.

Let's hope these violent acts stop soon!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Not 21 Anymore, Toto

I have 5 minutes left in my day at work and I have decided to tell you that this week has taught me a valuable lesson.

When I was at Baylor, I thrived on 4 hours of sleep a night. It allowed me the perfect go to class, nap, study, and play time ratio.

This week, I have realized that I am no longer 22 year old Carrie.

True, I enjoy a good time. I like hanging out with friends and occasionally staying up a little past my bedtime, but this week was one of those every night something was going on weeks and quite honestly, I truly miss the sleep.

With that I bid farewell to my 21 year old self. I am no longer a part of you nor are you a part of me. We have parted ways indefinitely. I will no longer be hanging out, except for in my dreams.

I think I need a nap.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

One More!!

22. NashTrash Tour!

Thanks Mary Katherine

Nashville Bucket List

I have 2 months left in this city as a permanent resident and I plan on making the most out of the situation! Last Saturday morning, I went to breakfast with my friend Levi and we created my Nashville Bucket List...or the list of things that I should have done in the last 3 years while I lived here.

If you would like to help accomplish any of these goals with me, please let me know!
1. Loveless Cafe
2. Frist - check! did this one last week
3. Titans Game
4. Fall Creek Falls
5. Brown's Diner - don't know why...haven't been there though
6. Be In a Music Video (which will take some effort)
7. Karaoke on Printer's Alley
8. Thirsty Thursday at the Sounds Games
9. Tennessee Fair
10. Pancake Pantry (okay, so I've been here, but not in a while)
11. Shakespeare in the Park
12. Rafting on the Ocoee
13. Dollywood
14. Graceland
15. Yazoo Brewery Tour
16. Belle Meade Plantation
17. Arrington Vineyards
18. Bluebird Cafe for a Show
19. Ryman Tour
20. Meet a country star at the Stage
and obviously: 21. Throw an amazing party on September 20

I might add to this list as I see fit :)

**Thanks for the Spelling Lesson, Tim.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Man Vs. Wild

Okay, so I have to admit...I'm so addicted to this TV show. The way that he makes everything look so simple makes me actually think that I too could survive in the middle of the antarctic wilderness...using only my body heat to keep me warm...and a tooth pick...and a piece of my shirt.

He's like the modern day McGuyver. The guy is a legend.

However, I was mildly distressed to find out that he had been duping us all along. Not actually spending the 48 hours in the wilderness, but taking himself to a nice little hotel to sleep then tackling the outback after a nice massage. So, maybe man cannot conquor wild afterall. I feel hurt.

So then I realized that maybe all along, the real Man vs. Wild would look more like this

At least he's realistic.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Diary, Today was Swell!

Well, I'm here on day 11 and it's starting to kill me. Okay, not really, but this time without sugar has been a reflection of all the sugar I actually ingest on a daily basis! Crazy!

The last week has been fun. Friday night, I went to a concert for Jason Reeves and Brendan James (both on the playlist). Jason co-wrote all of Colbie Caillait's album (the "Bubbly" song) and is seriously an amazing songwriter. The great part is: the concert started at 7 and was over by 9...on a Friday. Me and my "I think I've finally hit old" self went to bed by 10. Amen sister...amen.

Saturday night was different (obviously). I went to see Paper Route (see playlist) play at Exit/In in Nashville and enjoyed the sweaty heat of 500 bodies packed into one tight room. Seriously though, they are amazing live and if you get a chance to see them you should! Then we went over to dance at my little spot B23. We always end up in VIP there and I was amazed to see that there weren't many people up there this time. Well...I realized when I looked over that it was because Carrie Underwood was enjoying hanging out up there as well on Saturday night. I danced crazy hoping that she would be like "that girl looks fun, we should be friends" but to no avail. Carrie Underwood still doesn't know that we need to be friends. Hopefully she'll figure that out soon.

The week so far has been great! Monday...we found out that Ellery, my nugget little niece, is going to have a baby SISTER in December! Not only that, but my brother Mike and his wife Ashley will have a baby BOY in November!! I'm getting a little niece and a nephew!! I'm so excited!!

Then, last night, the women in my Women Acting with a Vision group (WAV...pronounced "wave") went to Olia Zavozina's house where her new husband grilled for us and we talked about future trips that we need to take. The most exciting thing, however, was that Olia was contacted by some women in Nashville who are taking some of her clothes to possibly featured on some of Oprah's shows! She's really excited about that...and I'm pretty excited for her! What talented friends I have!

I'm going to start a poll (if I can figure out how)...please click to the left :)

**entertaining post to follow tomorrow**