Friday, August 29, 2008

A Deeper Thought

As I sit here on my back patio, a place I have come to love over the last 2 years at this house I can't help but think about the future.

I live in an amazing house that I have come to love. It sits on the freeway where I hear the roar of traffic day and night. I like to sit here and think of it as not the rush of people trying to get to where they are going, but I sit and think about it as the rolling in and out of waves. I have almost been able to fool myself into thinking that I live a wall away from an ocean.

I know it's a bit strange but this sound is relaxing. Aside from the few helicopters that whiz by occasionally (I live close to a hospital), I can sit here for hours and relax and think and dream.

I'm about to enter my last. My last month at 25. My last month as a Temp. My last month in Nashville. But what's great about all the lasts is how quickly they will turn into new beginnings.

Sitting with a glass of wine, I am just relaxed enough to dream about what's next. I know I'm meant to be near water of some sort. I can just feel it in my veins! I love the adventure of having no idea where I'm going and fully trusting that God will put me EXACTLY where I need to be.

Tonight has been a reassuring night that I am doing just what I should be doing. I spent the evening with friends eating dinner and then with a new friend getting her money back from a missed flight. What an ACCOMPLISHMENT! I know I'm supposed to be doing something with people, which is exactly what my next job has in store.

I'm amazed that this last year has prepared me. From last September (when I was laid off) until now, I have gained many skills that were necessary before I take my next step. I have learned customer relations skills, adaption skills to new environments, and how to talk to people I have little in common with.

I have to just say, I am so excited!

Thank you, God!!

ps: this is my Pinot Grigio that I am drinking...yes, it has a fish in a lawn chair. Nothing says relax like a fish in a lawn chair (with sunglasses to boot!)


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Right on, Carebear. I am proud of you & so excited to hear about all your new adventures!

Camille in Hurricaneville

Lora said...

CARRIE-YOU ARE A HOOT! I am excited to hear all about where God is taking you!